Balante AS-X2-PLUS

Summary of the new key features:

1.            Enlarged weighing chamber and open-door clearance - easy access to the weighing pan and use of laboratory glassware

2.            3 legs base instead of 4 – for easier and faster balance levelling

3.            Special design of weighing chamber glass pan guides - no edges

4.            Easy disassembling and assembling of weighing chamber - no tools required

5.            Antistatic weighing chamber - thanks to purpose-designed antistatic glass coating - used for balances with readability of d=0.01 mg

6.            Aluminium base for enhanced stability of the weighing system

7.            Extra sealing of housing, weighing chamber and mechanism – extra mechanism protection, separated from the electronics– elimination of the heat coming from the electronics and air movement toward the mechanism

8.            Modernization of the internal adjustment system – weighing pan axis is in line with an adjustment weight axis, this nullifies adjustment errors - ensured accuracy of indications in extremely challenging conditions.

9.            Open work weighing pan in balances with d = 0.01 mg – guarantee for obtaining the standard value of the minimum sample weight USP

10.          LevelSENSING SYSTEM in AS X2 PLUS - graphic message on the weighing device screen. System facilitates adjustment, controls the level point, and informs about level deviations

       Clearly visible levelling device in AS R2 PLUS – in the front of weighing chamber

11. 5” colour touch screen in AS X2 PLUS  - display customization – like in old version

       LCD Display in AS R2 PLUS – like in old version

12.          Proximity Sensors – like in old version

13.          Communication Interfaces:

                  - for AS X2 PLUS: USB-A, USB-B, RS 232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, DB 9 external tare print buttons

                   - for AS R2 PLUS: USB-A, USB-B, 2xRS 232, Ethernet, Wi-Fi (optional)

14.          USB in the front of the balance - easy and fast communication with the USB flash drive and connecting additional devices.

15.          Kensington Lock

16.          Ambient conditions monitoring - cooperation with RADWAG thermo-hygro-barometer, which enables monitoring of ambient conditions such as temperature and humidity.